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I am a 17 year old young man with an extreme navel fetish. Moreover I live with my single very strict mom. And to my agony I realized I am crazy for her touch inside my navel. But I cant tell her that. I am not sure if she also likes to touch my belly and deep navel. I am too scared to ask her or tell her to touch me. But she is very strict with me and sometimes touches me casually on my belly and even navel. I am confused and I start feeling more restless.

To make me more restless and confused she has told me that I dont need to keep a shirt on at home. This means I can be shirtless with her around in home. We have a small home and we have to sleep on the same bed. She is very strict and grave with me during the day but at night sometimes she casually puts her palm over my belly. In sleep her hand moves over my belly and excites me.

I fall asleep restless and in my sleep I see am begging her to touch my navel but she is just ignoring me.

I wake up disturbed and see her sleeping. I try to lie casually with my belly over her outstretched arm and start rubbing my navel over her fingers, careful not to wake her up. It gives me some relief and I fall asleep. Morning when i wake up i am still lying on her arm with my navel over her palm. But I could feel her finger deeply inserted inside my navel. I feel an immediate rush of excitement and my navel just throbs and contracts as if trying to trap her finger inside me. I could feel her finger nail and a sharp pain as she inserted it deeper in her sleep. I moan and keep rubbing myself. Suddenly she woke up and remain quiet pretending to be asleep. She finds her finger deeply inserted inside my navel. Dont know what she thought but she immediately pulled it out from under my belly, rather roughly and it scratched my belly from my navel outward. I shrieked and got up and she had an angry look on her face. She rubbed my raw wound with two fingers and remarked, “serves you right” and left the bed throwing her long cascade of hair on her back angrily. I followed her and she applied some ointment on the scratch but I wished she touch my navel too. I told her,”It hurts here too, from my navel”. She didnt say anything and reached around the navel and applied the ointment inside as well

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