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Miguel Ramirez Valiente is an illegal alien who was ordered deported by a Judge, so he sought refuge in a church and played the sympathy card. He played on the media saying that he would be “separated” from his family. So he was not deported.

He stayed and last Friday night he killed the Sean Buchanan, a father of five.

It was the ultimate avoidable death. Sean Buchanan is now ‘permanently separated’ from his family and his five children. Sean Buchanan was murdered in a reckless driving crash caused by illegal alien Miguel Ramirez Valiente, who is a habitual drunk driver. This criminal alien had a typical rap sheet which included arrests for reckless endangerment and domestic violence, and his license was revoked from a prior DUI just recently in 2018.

In fact, just one day before the deadly crash that murdered Sean Buchanan, Miguel Ramirez Valiente’s probation for that 2018 DUI was extended because he had not completed alcohol therapy and community.

WE NEED A WALL. WE need LEGAL immigration with background checks as required by law.

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