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Criminal Invader is arrested for smothering 19 elderly victims to death.

Another criminal illegal alien has been arrested for the murder of at least 19 Texans. He should have been deported as he was in the country illegally since 2003. He had a significant criminal history, including two DWIs in 2011 and a violent assault on a girlfriend in 2012. Yet he continued to remain in our country.

He pretended to be a maintenance worker, gaining entry into several nursing home facilities as well as private homes in retirement communities, to murder helpless victims and steal their cash and jewelry.

We have no shortage of good people who want to become immigrants, and they do it LEGALLY by following the law. There is no reason for us to let down our standards to accommodate people like this man who murdered 19 elderly people because they were easy targets so he could steal their cash.

This is why we need a wall and why we need strict enforcement of immigration laws.

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