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My wife walked out of our marriage about 8 years ago. I was devistated inside. I have tried to make a new life for myself but my wife has kept in touch the whole 8 years we have been separated. I am still aroused by her and I know she is still aroused by me but will not allow a meeting between us even though she is aching for me.

Recently I have thought about threatening her with blackmail. I want her to understand that she has teased me for the past 8 years. I can’t masturbate and believe that this can sustain me any more because it cannot. She says she wants to be with me but she won’t betray her new boyfriend.

I have many photos of her in some very kinky poses that we both agreed were for our private pleasure and I would never show up these pictures of her to anyone, ever. I want to obey her wish concerning these photos but my need to keep fucking her is much stronger.

One day I sent her an email outlining things have changed with one attachment. The attachment was one of the photos she had posed for with a message that made it quite clear she can keep her current life intact as long as I get a piece of her once or twice a month for as long as I want her.

The first time we met up she was very reserved and made out she will do as I ask but under protest. Once we got started she was eager to get dirty. We fucked in the back of my car for hours. We now meet up once a month and we both love it.

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