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I have a teacher at my school that I just can’t stand, let’s call him C. So C, thinks of me as being challenged and weak because I’ve got ASD. He refers to me behind my back as “that thing”, noted my repetitive behaviors as being weird and he constantly talks down to me with phrases such as “bud”. My bipolardepressionwhatever-the-fuck mental side-hoe’s crept back up and given me these impulses to kill. I fear for this retard’s safety, he seems tough but inside he’s shallow. Thoughts include butchering, sniping, freezing, feeding to animals and poisoning. He never listens to me, so he can listen to the gagging of his own blood!

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  • So lets think about this with reality in mind. Lets just pretend you can get away with everything you just described on here. What happens next? You will eventually meet another person in life that will treat you differently yet again. Then what? Do it over again and over again? Problem is you havent learned how to deal with it. What you need to do is learn how to ignore it or learn how to deal with it in a clever way. Worst case scenario remove yourself from that environment and try a different one. You cant change the world but you can learn the skill to avoid situations that will get you in unimaginable problems. When you have autism-spectrum-disorder whether you realize it or not its like looking at everything through a different lens. And in some cases its like having a mind power because you can sometimes find solutions to problems that the average person cant even comprehend. You can do what you want but at the end of the day you know what is wrong and what is right regardless of how you feel. I know because Ive had to deal with it throughout my life. When I was young I didnt have any friends or people to support me. I used to think something was wrong with other people. I would watch alot of tv and fill my mind with dark thoughts and nothing else. Sitting there one day I thought to myself what if I pretend Im an actor like on tv. It took a long time and small personal adjustments. When I went to school it was still me but I was pretending to be a famous tv person and thats why kids treated me bad. I made myself think they were jealous of me. Believe it or not it worked. Little tricks like that helped me in my life and I never told another person. As an adult I rarely ever found myself in the same position I was in when in school. Its weird, when you grow up you dont worry about those problems anymore. Things change and then you keep adjusting your brain. Its not easy but its not impossible. Its not that bad to be different just learn how to use it for your own success.

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