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I’m a 21 yo woman and there’s this other woman who’s 31, beautiful, extremely hot, with amazing personality-she’s bold when she needs to be, confident yet somewhat reserved. I love her eyes, smile and tattooed arms with those slim fingers, but her whole body is just…honestly, dunno if that’s just me being horny af or her being so amazing, cuz I find myseld constantly daydreaming even in her presence. I’m sitting there, drinking coffee or beer, I look at her and all of a sudden there’s a ton of thoughts I’d be ashamed to tell her about. It depends, but often I fantasize about her grabbing me by the hair or neck, smiling and just looking at me, as if trying to read through me, like she always does. I want her to command me, to make me bend on my knees and look her in the eyes while doing so. I want her to order me to take off my clotches while she’s fully dressed. I want her to tell me to make her come, to lick and squeeze and bite her whole body. And I’d love her to finger me as she bites on my neck and shoulders, leavig traces with her tongue and hickeys all over. I’d love to be marked by her, let everyone see that I belong to her and her only. That I’m hers to command and that she’d never have to be afraid of being left by me, because I just want to be hers. Her dearest friend, a secret keeper. Her partner in crime. Her help in times of need, when she has no one else to share her problrms with. Someone who she can be mad at and mad about. Her private sex toy. I’d love her to know that I’m there for her, that she’s not alone and she can strust me with the whole of her heart, BUT I want her to know that with a word I’d like to make her every sexual desire real.

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  • You make the other woman sound so hot I want her too

    Anonymous April 23, 2019 10:43 pm Reply
    • Yeah, it’s no surprise really. And the best part is that I haven’t even managed to put in words how amazing she is personality wise. She’s just got that something about her. She’s confident, but knows when to step back and just listen. She’s sure of what she’s doing but knows when she makes a mistake and she can really read through people. I’m a rather quiet person myself and when we’re just sitting in what some might call an “uncomfortable silence”, she seems unbothered, just casually, but discreely looking at me and the next thing I know she’s telling me it’s okay because I was obviously thinking about A or worried about B and that’s the thing. Most of the time she’s right. She’s intense, passionate, can be furious definitely. But I can see it and I just know she can be also very tender, caring and loving. God, I’d be lying if I didn’t say she IS intelligent. And that, aside from her obvious sexiness is what drives me towards her. I’d love her to love me, I’d love her to let me kiss her on the hand and at the same time I’d love her to strip me down and order me around. Is that obsession? Cuz god sometimes…I just don’t know what to think about this whole situation and if she knows? If she could only guess all the things I think about her. I want that and am scared of that at the same time.

      Anonymous April 24, 2019 11:53 am Reply
  • You have a latent lesbian orientation. Make it real with your friend. Lesbianism is the ultimate dimension of love!

    Anonymous April 24, 2019 5:26 am Reply
    • I’d love nothing more than to just grab her by this pretty face and kiss her jaw, cheeck and lips. Then go for the neck and collarbones. And look her in the eyes and tell her I adore her deeply and wish to stay by her side if she so desires. But I’d terrified. As of late she told me she definitely likes men. She looks at other women and can tell they’re good lookig, but if there is not a slight chance she might like a girl in a romantic way? What then? If she’s attracted to guys and not at all to women? I’d hate myself for scaring her off. For making her feel uncomfortablr or disgusted, even. And I’d hate to loose contact with her

      Anonymous April 24, 2019 12:08 pm Reply

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