• 1 year ago

I have been living right but today i was attacked in my dreams sexually by a sexual demon really my own lust and mental issues plus my son is inviting things in my house i dont Like in allowing perversions to enter. I was molested and abused as a child that gave me mental issues i had a step mother who took everything from me all my fathers love brothers love and my pride at least thats what it felt like.i have had bad perverted lesbian THOUGHTS toward her thst turned that way because of control issues i have inside. I hate that she was mean to me but i forgive her i am sick and tired of my flesh i am forgiven but it is sick it only cones when i been praying or attacking the devils kingdom.plus i was holding my urine and feel short because it tigled my vagina .i am dusgusted with myself. Incest sucks and i hate it i am just ashamed i entertained the thoughts i am not a lesbian i was molested by girls but i never liked it.i am just sick and fed up real talk.Lord deliver me now. I am seriously sick of these demons or my own lust. Leave me alone in the nane of Jesus. It is just unholy and impure but my son be letting demons in this house i am tired of it for real leave me alone. Why i got to deal with these devils i dont know. I mean i hate my son sonetimes because he is trife i hate and it aint right people like my so called friends just do to much crap and i wm tired of it. I command the guilt to go because i am seriously disgusted it is a Satanic attack but it will not work back up on rhe right track on Jesus name God is gonna remove all this crap out my life…. My name is pronounced shanoah.

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