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I like to wear diapers and pee in them till they’re full, and bounce it all on my cock till i cum. I also wanna be fucked while wearing a diaper till i shit, and keep fucking me till i pee and cum non stop, and make me scream as you go deeper and deeper. I wanna prolapse so bad and we can smoke crack while yu drill my boy pussy till my cock cant stop throbbing and cumming. I need it so bad baby, anyone with a major cock enough to fill my boy pussy, and make me give yu head till i vomit all over your cock, and keep going. I want to be destroyed in my ass completely, and in my throat. Please fill my ass with piss and cum baby till im over flowing. Then fuck it all out of me while i pee and cum all over myself. I need a daddy for my gay boypussy right now… Im so horny for any huge cock.

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  • Sounds about white.

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 8:03 am Reply

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