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Oof ok so my crush is amazing. (He wants to get to know me better before he decides if he has feelings for me and it’s going pretty good) He’s taller than me (I’m really attracted to people taller than I am, I’m 5’4) He has a pretty great build, he has dark hair (which I love) and greenish blueish eyes), and he’s a total gentleman and sticks up for me. Well when I get a crush I imagine romantic fantasies about the person. With him, I imagine very intense sexual fantasies. IDK why though… He just seems really fuckable and dominant. (I have a dominance kink/fetish) I sit by him in class and I always imagine those fantasies when I’m right next to him and well I think he can sense what I’m thinking about because he always giggles and asks me if I’m ok when I zone out in front of him. When I’m imagining these fantasies I zone out and usually bite my lip. So he notices me staring at him sometimes and biting my lip. So IDK if he knows anything. IDK….I just want to fuck him…like really bad…

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  • girl hold yourself together. You’re just horny and need to control it. You’re young so don’t ruin your life by doing something stupid like this. Woman up

    Anonymous February 9, 2019 4:14 am Reply

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