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Man im into so much exotic crap and some of it even makes me hate myself. Im into tentacles, furrys, hypnosis, transformation, nekos, mind control, fucking eggs, dicks with all sorts of knots and textures and curves, Pokemon, gay stuff, milking, gender bent, and (im so sad to admit) rape and being treated like a sex slave. Theres so much porn iv seen and watched its outrageous. I know you going to call me disgusting for liking rape and being treated like a slave but before you call me a rapist let me clarify… I want it to happen to ME not do it to anyone. Not like I could I dont have a dick… But I wish I did have a cock… Being a girl sucks Iv always wanted to be a guy. The main reason I wish I was a guy because I want to be gay. I dont think im attracted to girls or boys yet but if I was a guy I know I wouldnt hesitate fucking some dudes! it would be so different as a guy. I wish I could be fucked so hard in the ass by someone with a humongous cock and feel it throbbing in me, fucking for hours straight and my ass leaking cum as we go round after round and for them to use my throat as much as they wanted and them to suck my cock or fuck my cock mercilessly. I wish I could fap over and over again to porn without taking two hours each time. I want to be used bye millions of tentacles as they keep me forever as there personal breeder and pump every inch of my body with eggs. I want to be fucked by furrys. I want to be fucked by a giant charizard!!! I know your probably judging my kinks and shit but hey… You dont chose what your attracted to. It just happens! Sorry for any spelling mistakes. Im working on it.

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  • you’re one perverted mess. It seems you have every fetish in check apparently. It just means you’re stuck on the internet for too long. Don’t let that shit define you though. Please don’t let it. People that constantly talk about sex and all of their fetishes/kinks are exhausting to listen to.

    Anonymous January 9, 2019 4:38 am Reply
    • I dont think im perverted. I just look at a lot of porn. Im not flirting with anyone and all that. Theres a lot of people who are worse im sure.

      Anonymous January 9, 2019 5:33 am Reply
      • but thanks for the advice

        Anonymous January 9, 2019 5:34 am Reply

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