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I really want to fuck my best friend’s brother. Fuck he’s so smart,snarky,hot,there’s not enough words to describe him.
I want him to just grab me when I’m at their house after My best friend is busy helping his dad or just left and I want his brother to grab me and take me somewhere and just grab my neck and roughly kiss me and lift my leg up against his side as he pushes me hard against the wall… I want him to then pull up my legs and I lock them around his waist and him grind into me as I moan and he says “fuck I’ve been wanting this so bad…you never understand the wait I had to go through to finally have the balls to do this” then he tosses off his shirt and grabs mine. He yanks it off and pushes my bra down and sucks on my tits and slips one hand down to my pussy and lightly rubs. He cups it and says “this is mine understand?” And I say no because that’s just me… he turns me around and makes me bend over, pulls down my pants and underwear, smacks my ass and says “you sure?” I shake my head to say no and he continues to smack my ass till I say yes and by that time I’m oozing with my cum. I finally nod and he drops down to he knees and ears out my pussy and flicks his tongue on my clit and hears me moan loadly and says “yeah I wanna hear your pleasure. I’m going to make you scream, to not walk in two days, I’m going to fuck you so you know who’s pussy this is” he suddenly thrusts into me and reaches forward and yanks my hair and smacks my ass. Still holding my hair in one hand, he reaches more with the other and lightly grabs my neck to show dominance and makes me stand against him as he pounds my pussy relentlessly behind. He says “I’m gonna cum and your gonna take it in your sweet pussy l, you got that?!” And his last words he grabs my chin and goes faster and harder. He comes with thick spurts and drips down my thigh as his cock rests in my warm pussy. He takes it out and it just drippsss. He says “I’ll be back to help you clean up, just lay down and relax…because we’re gonna have round two soon- so eat up and get some energy back, cuz next I want you to be a cowgirl or your gonna be fucked rough and raw on the wall”

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  • Damn that’s hot. What are you gonna do bout it?

    Anonymous September 16, 2018 7:01 am Reply

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