• 3 weeks ago

The cane is very effective. Too bad they stop using it in UK schools. Many little British school girls begged for a chance to be good and obedient as they felt the hot sting of the cane whip across their bare bottom. They wept tears as their pussy dripped.

Some feisty girls protested the cane in UK schools and picketed with signs outside the school. They gathered a crowd of other students as supporters. Several of the supporters were taken inside the school and were appropriately given the cane for their protesting. They begged for forgiveness and promised to be good little girls. They did not re-join the protests.

Boys were bent over for the cane too and after a few strokes many of the boys could be seen with a protruding erection sticking out. After their punishment they displayed a red bare bottom, a swollen bulging erection and a red face. It seems punishment has that effect. It often makes girls dripping wet and boys throbbing hard.

There are some with the disposition to have an orgasm from their punishment. Others have an orgasm from giving the punishment. It all balances out.