• 2 months ago

I’m a black girl in college and I’d love to punish a white boy. I’d tie him spread out on my bed, face down and naked. I’d pull his cock and balls out from under him so I could see them. I’d tie a string around the head of his cock and pull it toward the foot of the bed, and tie it there.

Then I’d take off my leather belt and whip him just like the whites whipped our ancestors. I’d whip him until the red welts form on his back. Then I’d whip his bare ass until it turns bright red. White ass is fun to punish since it turns red with each stroke.

Next I’d take my belt to his balls and his stretched out cock. I have a thin women’s belt which will fit between his legs and snap his balls. Those balls will be black and blue and swollen when I’m done. His cock will get a good whipping too. It will be so sore that he won’t be stickin it in anywhere for a while. I’d castrate him too. He don’t need those white balls.

Then I’d make him tell me that black is beautiful and lick my ass. That’s what whites are good for. They all need to be whipped and lick my ass.