• 2 weeks ago

I abuse my birdie but Mom doesn’t allow it. If I get caught she punishes me. I just got caught yesterday and she spanked me and gave me hot soapy enemas. Then I had a rinse enema. Enemas make me tired but they make my bird stick out and Mom doesn’t like that.

Last week when I got caught she attached the Ten unit to my bird and turned it on. It really hurts until my bird gets numb then it hurts less but its so numb it gets soft. As soon as the numbness goes away it gets hard again. I shouldn’t do it but I can’t stop. Mom talked to some nurse who said she would circumcise me and then I’d feel better. I don’t think anything makes me feel better but rubbing my bird. I rub it raw cause even when it’s sore it burns but the pain feels good and then I make a mess.