• 4 weeks ago

I sometimes have this odd dream where I’m in the middle of a street. The path is made out of big stone rocks , it looked like it had rained and it’s in the middle of the night. There are old houses surrounding me it looks like something from the 19th century or something like that… there are a few spaced out street lanterns that shine a dark yellow hardly shining on the rocky road.

If I Wald forward I meet children. The children are playing around and they are dressed in very old fashion. I call out to them and say “do you know that this is a dream?” “Hello?” “Can you hear me?” But they never respond they only look at me weirdly. Then I wake up.

But if I turn and walk the other way I come across pure darkness and suddenly feel like I’m being watched. Everything fades into black and I feel very scared and when I try to wake up I can’t. It fades into white like something just shocked me and THEN I wake up.