• 7 days ago

I want to kill my cousin. I want to chop his penis and shove it down his throat until he fucking dies. He can die for all I care, and he could stick his dick in an anthill, or maybe he already did because he’s ‘gay’
Honestly, that’s just bullshit. He just pretends, he isn’t actually gay, he’s a creepy motherfucker.
I want to grab a bat, and fucking beat him till he’s dead. Saying all that shit like;
‘I changed!’
‘I did nothing wrong, I’m so perfect.’
‘I’m pretending to be suicidal for attention.’
Like, just shut the fuck up.
You fucking touched me all over, you told me you had a fucking crush on me even though we’re cousins, you technically forced me to read hentai with you, you were always so close to me and hugging me like a fucking hippie.
You basically caused my eating disorder and desire to become skinny.
‘Oh! You gained weight, you have to lose some.’
‘Oh! You should gain weight, otherwise you’ll be skinny forever.’
‘Oh! You’re fat, you need to lose weight.’
You posted a picture of your fucking sister online for everyone to see, you’re a fucking creep.
So, I wouldn’t mind if you died, on that day, when we were in the van, you knew full well you were touching my tit you fucking asshole, it’s pretty fucking stupid a week later you confessed to me.
I hope you die, I hope you rot, I hope you get your penis chopped off, If you harm any of my others friends, I’ll fucking jump you and make sure you don’t do it again cock sucker.

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