• 6 months ago

It was a dream come true when Holly got really frightened during a pretty rough thunder storm.
We were alone for the weekend and she tore into my room when normally she would run to mom and dad’s room. She asked to sleep with me and I said sure but I was reading so she had to be quiet.
She agreed just as a window rattling blast of thunder shook the house. She yipped like a kicked dog and jumped into the bed. I wasn’t even thinking cause as I made room for her and lifted the covers we both realized that I was naked! She cuddled right in and wrapped an arm and a leg over me and hugged. She was my sister and still a skinny eleven y o but her touch and my nudity made my balls tingle. I was a week away from being fifteen. After a bright flash of lightning followed closely by another tremendous clap of thunder the girl was nearly on top of me. I set my book back down and held her. With her head resting on my chest as I rubbed her back she asked, “Why are you naked?” “I always sleep this way unless someone’s staying over, It’s way more comfortable than sleeping in clothes.” I stroked my hand down to her bottom , patted it and gave it a gentle squeeze before moving my hand back and giving her slender body a squeeze. “Can I try?”
“Sleeping naked? sure if you want.” With grace she stood on the bed and pulled her knee length nightie over head and it landed on my desk chair. She lay back down and slipped out of her panties that were covered in little pink hearts. They also landed on the chair. She snuggled back into me and sighed with a little hum. “Better?”…”Yea.” I could feel my dick reacting a little. “Can I see what you look like?” She asked quietly. “Mmmmm not tonight sweetie it’s getting late. How about we get some sleep? I think the storms about moved on and we have all day tomorrow and tomorrow night to check each other out if you still want to okay?”
“Mmm okay but I know I still want to.” I moved so that I could kiss her cheek and turned off the lamp “Sweet dreams Lee lee.” My short for Holly. “You too, good night” She was asleep in minutes. The next morning after we got up slowly, watered and then showered together in our parent’s big walk in. She said that she liked sleeping naked with me. I loved her little breast buds that were a bit bigger than I thought when I had a quick glimpse last night. I all ready had a semi and when she washed me it got erect and she got giggly surprised. I made us eggs and toast for breakfast, the folks called and when that had ended I taught her every thing that I knew about sex and guys and girls. We went as far as oral five or six times on each other just that day let alone that night. She showed me how her finger fit so I was told to put mine inside next. She absolutely loved to orgasm and even better, she liked my cock and swallowing my sperm. She was smart and knew before I mentioned that we couldn’t tell anybody or let them catch us being to friendly in public. We had waited almost a year to have
intercourse for the first time on her twelfth birthday. It’s four years later, she’s had a couple of boyfriends and a couple of girlfriends. I’ve also had my share of girls but we still make love or have animal sex fairly often.