• 6 months ago

Dear LoVe, I love you..I always have and I always will. I don’t know if you know but I’ve had a major crush on you since 9th grade. But you were committed back then and you are committed now too. You have no idea how much it hurts me to see you with someone else..I know you asked me how I felt about you,what I said at that time,I didn’t mean it..I was just freaked out and it was a serious time you may remember. The truth is that I had a major crush on you back then. It has transformed into love now. It’s crazy right.. We spent almost the entire day together but we never talked. It’s been 3 years since I saw you last time, honestly,that day I was gonna confess or at least talk to you.. But you pushed me away.. Were you mad at me?Idk? PLEASE tell me what happened? I’m sorry I can’t express myself clearly and I freak out when you directly ask me how I feel. Damnit. I just want to really tell you what I felt and what I’m feeling rn.. So, let’s begin. Well I kinda started liking you since 8th grade but when 9th grade began I started having “feelings” for you. I started getting jealous when you talked to other girls. I felt sad because we didn’t talk much and I wasn’t as special to you.. Suddenly you were so away from me, you made a gf, you made new friends,and you changed,in a good way. I was happy for you, but I felt left out like I had no place in your life..I had my first “butterflies” when you were talking to me..we had this pre board in 9th grade your seat was right in front of me,it was the last paper. IDK why you said you wanted to apologize to me? Lol..why would you say that? Tbh I enjoyed talking to you..it was like I never talked to you but that time I talked to you.. it felt sooo good. I thought it was really sweet. By 10th grade I had a full blown crush on you..I’ll tell you the truth,I joined the coaching classes just because of you. Well I was planning to go there,but when I heard that you were too, I got really eager to go. I’ll talk about it in later confessions. So coming to feelings..I think grey colour suits you a lot. I remember just staring at you when you first wore the uniform..Damn! And your eyes omg..your eyes I could look at them forever.. Get lost in them. I remember one time you were looking? At me at class? I think it was a prank? But tbh my heart beat got so fast I have to literally look out of the window to stabilize it.lol. At exams you sat in front of me,I used to just stare at you. creepy ik ok? Don’t blame me,I was crushing hard on you <3. One day you were sitting behind me,I heard your voice and boom heart race! Anyways.. It's been a long time,I don't know how you feel and you'll most probably never know how I did feel about you..I LOVE YOU AND IT IS KILLING ME!OK? And there's like no way that you will ever read it.. but I want to take it..Be mine❤️