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I also remember in about 2006 or maybe 2005 sitting outside that other geocery store across the street and seeing your mom coming or going. That to me then was nice. That was, first of all that right there to me IS proof that there’s still a tace of you there then, but also

Of course I was thinking “I wonder if she has any idea?”

If you are attatched, say you’re married with kids, it doesnt matter who it is, I dont want anything. You literally belong to at least 1 person, amd deep if you’re married. Its not healthy to have me in there, because honestly, when it comes to you, Im not saying I want anything in particular, but the thing is when it comes to you, I want the freedom to have that option to do whatever. It might be nothing. Maybe I wamt to lay there with you, and watch TV because Ive had a rough day and that relaxes me. See thats not healthy to a marriage. What happens, I have a foot fetish. What if you’re feet are loong particularly sexy and I want to nuzzle them and kiss them, is that acceptable and healthy for your marriage? Because you know, men and woman cant just be friends right. Straight men and woman. I am not saying if you got my bafk like you seem to do thats a bad thing, that makes me love you, and like I said Im the same guy I was then, you know I would never expect anything from you that you arent willing to give, but you know. I have feelings, and I have feeling fo you, not denying, never did, I probably will for life, technically the rules say you should never tell a woman that and its right, but I mean…. you and me…. its very well known for a lifetime, there’s no hiding it’s there, but at the same time, that whole thing, I have had a lot of shit in my life, but that thing between you and me, no matter how small it seems to a lot of people, start to finish, at that time the way things were it asnt as asy to get a hold of aomeone gone, that gave me a dose of reality when it comes to sacrifice and letting things go. And Ive went throught the school of hard nox when it comes to that knd ot pain after too, so I love you, I really wish life was fairytale bs, 20 years ago, anyone who said “life is not a fairytail” would’ve kind of pissed me off and made me go “not for YOU but you suck and it CAN be. It just depends” but its true, its not and if we cant be together at any level, like friendship, what can either of us do? Ive actually been (you too) dealing with this for longer than almost everyone on this board has been alive. I can live with it.

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