• 2 months ago

I have seen the world for what it truly is. I have seen both the beginning and the end of time. My life finally feels complete, my existence, meaningful.

However, after doing everything I could possibly dream of, I quickly lose that sense of a meaningful existence. Part of me wishes I could relive the moment I attained enlightenment. Or perhaps relive the whole journey on my path to enlightenment.

Longing for what I’m missing, I create a world which is similar to my own and have set all the perfect conditions. All knowledge oozes out of me and I return to nothingness. My consciousness collapses apon itself and divides into an infinite amount of individual sentient beings. Empty, dark and cold, I cry out.

Warmth immediately surrounds me. It comforts me. Tells me everything is going to be ok, then it proceeded to tell me my name.

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