• 1 month ago

It was truly a dream. A place called Totally Dark Fantasies, This may be a business opportunity for someone. I was an upscale place where couples or singles would “apply” for an evening. During the application a video would be taken as they answer specific questions to sexual expression, fantasy or desires. Their entries would be matched with someone else. When they arrived they would be separated, all phones and valuables secured and placed in a luxurious bathroom where they would shower and wait for instructions. Each participant would be issued an ear piece to receive instructions and a short verbal profile of the person they would be meeting with. When ready all lights would go out. TOTAL BLACKOUT. They would be guided verbally through a door to a very nice bedroom. But again TOTAL BLACKOUT. Rules they agree to in advance, like no talking, and a “safe word” for termination were established in their profile. The evening would be about experiencing your sexual fantasies with a screened, vetted total stranger in complete blackness. Imagine the sensory enhancing experience as you explore another’s body by touch only. All boundaries would be communicated in advance along with the desires. No judgement, no criticism, no voices. Only Passion.

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