• 1 month ago

I had a really weird dream. I was in spanish and an overhead message came on saying mrs (my teachers name) can you send (my name) to teacher a’s room (not his real name). There are two teachers in this dream. Teacher a and teacher b. They are brothers. I went to teacher a’s room and his desk was there but all the student desks were gone and there was just a bath tub on the floor and two photographers with a camera. They told me to get into the bathtub and do some poses. In the middle of this, teacher b came into teacher a’s room. after the photo shoot was done, teacher b took me to his car and he told me to close my eyes. He took me to a mcdonald’s with 9 floors and we went in an elevator to see the 9th floor and there were a bunch of far animals we went all the way back to the first floor and the animals were chasing us to the car and he was driving me back to school and two pigs with super powers teleported in the car, turned on the radio and said and the rest is history muahahahahha

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