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I want to get a room at a nicer hotel for a few days. Stock up on meth, heroin, cigarettes, tin foil, lighters a new pipe, clean rigs, lottery scratchers, color books, pens, a suction cup dildo, porn DVDs, sexy body stockings, stilatoe heels, wipes,and ties. 2 men to fuck me the whole time making me feel like the sexist bitch alive. Maybe a younger girl too that let’s me play with her how ever I want that can hit me too.
Like I could get all dressed up in the fishnet body suit that’s crotchless,with a choker on and my hair and makeup like a porn star. We are all smoking meth and black watching endless porn with lots of hard kinky sex while the slut mixes us all up big shots of meth the 2 guys do theirs and she dose mine for me. Its so good I lie down with my eyes closed while she dose her own then climbs on top of me sitting her wet hot cunt on top of mine . She kisses and sucks on my nipples and the guys kiss me fondle me and rub their cocks all over my body. She whispers kinky things to me about how sexy I am and how hot I am making them all. She asks me if she can touch my cunt and tell yes while one of the dicks gets shoved in my mouth . She eats my pussy like a starving slut and then has the other cock shove into my dripping pussy and start raming me quick and hard. The slut is trying to lick my pussy and asshole with the guys nuts slamming against her face. I just keep coming over and over in every way possible. The two guys even manage to cum at the same time as I squirt on ones cock and swallow the others who’s been face fucking me good. The slut wants some now as she licks up their nut off my neck and pussy she loves it and cant get enough. I tell her it’s her turn to make mommy cum and tell her to stand up and straddle my face so i can lick her sweet cunt . She likes when i do it hard biting her clit and sucking it in my mouth hard I squeeze her tits hard and pinch her nippels I slap her in the pussy and on the ass and a cross her face . I lie on top of her while I ram the dildo in her ass hole from behind . She loves it and tells me she wants more she wants to be my fuck doll . I love how she cums piss all over my hands from my brutal ass fucking I’m giving her. I stand up with a leg up on the bed she is on her knees on the floor begging mommy for more the boys slap her in the face and head with their limp cocks and kiss me. I grabb her head and shove it against my cunt hard eat my scatch slut I tell her while she fingers herself and bounces on the dildo up her ass. I tell her I’m gonna fucking cum in mouth and she cant cum yet she eats all my juice. We tie her up and play with her for hours making her get close to cummong then we stop and start fucking next to her. She cant touch herself or us just watch as they fuck me so good and I lie the back of my head on her thigh while they take turns making me cum again and again. I send the boys our to get food to be gone for 2 hours as soon as the leave I tell her to get in bed after i untie her and i turn off the lights just the t.v is on playing old reruns of an old sitcomw. I hold her sticky naked body against my own as she slowly wiggles her knee between my thiegs she squeezes her legs around mine and rocks us both so that our wet hot used up cunts are pushed against each other until we both begin to cum really hard soaking us in more fuck juice we fall asleep until the guys come back. They get in bed with making sure not to touch the slut just me and we all rest awhile before waking to eat shower and get all ready for another night of secmxy freak fucking.

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