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Genghis Khan? Really?

There is no comparison because “Genghis” was not an economic migrant. He was the leader of a well armed assault military. There as no ‘wall’ across Europe to stop “Genghis”.

Walls work rather well around Israel, and you pay for their walls. They have several different types constructed of concrete with automatic gun turrets and video guard monitors, to plain old heavy duty rebar and with interwoven metal wire and upright steel beams.

Walls have worked well for the Hungarian government, which finally said NO to all the Muslim intruders.

Walls work well around all the government installations, where they want to keep you out.

Walls work well around the posh estates of the Hollywood stars and elite who hypocritically shout ‘No wall, No wall”…….while ignoring their own walls.

But of course you are right, — if good old “Genghis” couldn’t be stopped by a wall, then we might as well throw in the towel, because “Genghis” is apparently the standard for everything. Nothing has changed since days of “Genghis”. So alas, what can we do?

Let them all in. Who will feed them? Where will they all live? How will clean water be provided? Who will pay for their medical care? Who will clothe them? It’s OK if they take your job right? They can have your pension, right? They can take your Social Security, right? Give them your car and your house.

They can rape your wife, and then rape your daughter too, right? Why not? Rape, pillage and plunder was good enough for “Genghis”, so it sure is good enough now!

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