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Since childhood my friend s always got to wear the best clothes.My parents would either buy my cheap clothes or second hand clothes,I was happy to get that too.I always thought when I grew up,I will atleast buy pretty clothes for myself.I belief I do have great style,I love makeup but never even got close to touch it.I am 24 and I can’t afford any of it.And in India after marriage I can’t wear certain clothes and my bad luck I never even got to get close to any off shoulder tops too,crop tops I just love them,slit skirts, gorgeous lace bralette.Omg! They are just dreams.I some time dream of having lots of clothes,bags,shoes.And dream of going to shop.But its only just a dream.Marriage fucked my life up.I am over.I am not even a human anymore.

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  • You probably stink like shit since your brown get it turd

    Anonymous May 8, 2019 8:36 pm Reply
    • You’re*

      Also aren’t you just a really lovely and wonderful individuaL

      Anonymous May 8, 2019 8:46 pm Reply

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