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“Are we there yet?” I asked.

I was miserably gasping for air as I took in a few deep breath.

“Yeah.” He said.

“These are the last one.” His eyes narrowed towards the staircase in front of me.

I looked up and saw him smiling at me.

“Okay then..”

I exhaled a long breath. “Cheer for me, Jonah!”

He chuckled as he raised both hands above his head and started clapping some basic rhythm.

“You can do it, girl! Go, go, go!” He shouted eagerly with a huge smile on his lips.

I felt like I’m pulling out some kind of army stunts with those cute cheers he gave me.

“Almost there…” I clenched my teeth, playing along.

“One more step! You can do this, girl!”

My feet landed on the last stair as my hand grip tightly onto the handrail.

“YES!” I shouted with my fist up. I stood proudly in front of him.

He burst out a cute cackle.

“Okay then, let’s go!” He grabbed my fist and pulled me towards a huge door.

As we entered, my eyes wandered around the open space. “Woah..”

I can feel the cold air hit lightly onto my skin.

“Cool right?” He looked at me with a glint in his eyes.


I was utterly stunned because I can see the whole city from up here.

I walked towards the edge of the rooftop and leaned over the parapet to get a better view of the busy city.

The sky was already dark but the cars and people down there were still moving in and out of nowhere.

“It’s beautiful!” I gave him a delightful look.

His greenish-blue eyes were fixed onto my face.

“I prefer the word exquisite.” His voice was calm and reassuring.

I shot a glance at him. He was staring at me intently.

“M-me too.” I stuttered and lowered my gaze.

His rough hands gently touched my chin which sent cold shivers behind my neck. I lift my face up.

My heart was pounding so fast, I can clearly hear it.


He cleared his throat and looked away.

“Wanna have a seat?” He asked promptly.

I scratched my head and nod awkwardly. “Uh, yeah.”

He lifted me up and helped me sit on the parapet. I reached out a hand and pulled him up as he sat beside me.

I sat comfortably beside him as my eyes wandered around.

The neon lights, skyscrapers and the sound of the cars on the road were extraordinary.

They were appeasing.

“You wanna know something?” Jonah asked abruptly with his eyes glued at the dark sky above us.

I took a quick glance at the pitch black sky above us and turned to look at him as he slowly stretched a small smile, still staring at the sky.

“What?” I asked whilst pulling my legs into my arms, resting my head above my knees while facing him.

A short breath left out his red lips.

“Whenever I look up the sky, it reminds me of you.” He turned his head towards me.

My gaze fell onto his prepossessing face.

A soft chuckle was my reply which made his smile became wider.

“Do you know why?” He asked.

“Why?” I asked, waiting for him to continue.

He then locked his eyes onto mine.

I moved my hands onto my tingling stomach when he looked at me with those soothing eyes.

“Every time you smile, it shines so damn bright like the sky during daylight.” His large hand came in contact with my freezing cheeks.

“Every time you look at me, these pupils…” He planted a kiss right above my eyelids.

I stayed quite, letting him do whatever he wants without hesitation. “..were as stunning as the sky during the night.” I can feel his hot breath fanning against my forehead.

A smile crept over my face.

“When you cry…” He paused.

My smile almost died. I lifted my head and looked into his fervent blue eyes.

I remembered the last time I cried in front of him. He looked awfully..dejected.

He took a deep breath before continuing his next words.

“..my heart wailed just like the storm on rainy days.” His voice was weak and barely audible.

He shifted closer to me and pulled me into his warm hug.

Somehow, it didn’t surprise me when he did that.

I was used to him making small gestures towards my body. I shifted and cuddled cozily in his arms.

“You know what I mean, right?” He asked. Looking down at my face.

I nodded with my head resting on his sturdy chest. “Yeah.”

He planted a soft kiss on top of my head.

“I love you.” I whispered underneath my breath.

His arms tightened around my body as I said that. I can sense him smiling above my head.

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

He kissed the top of my head again which really felt like forever.

His sturdy figure was fully wrapped around me. The warmth of his body made me felt safe and serene.

We sat silently in that position. It felt nice.

“Don’t ever leave me.” He pleaded softly through my ears.

“Promise.” I answered reassuringly with my eyes closed.

“Thanks, lovely.”

The silence continued.

After a brief moment, I drifted off, sleeping in his warm embrace beneath the darkness of the night sky and above thousands of busy night owls underneath us.


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