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I just woke up from a nightmare. In the nightmare, my nan was sat on the sofa and she started shit talking me with a smug smirk right in front of me, I got so mad and grabbed a kitchen knife, she stood up (still smirking, which btw is very strange for her, she doesn’t smirk) and I grabbed her and ended up with her in a choke hold with her back to me, I proceeded to slowly slice her skin all over her face, she didn’t scream, she didn’t cry, just smirked. After cutting her face up I slowly pushed the knife into her left eye, it was the weirdest sensation, the eye was soft and kind of squirted when I stabbed it but when the knife went deeper I could feel her skull, the eye socket area, it wasn’t a nice sensation tbh because it grinded.

I don’t know how to feel. In my dream I kind of felt like myself, kind of not. I was angry at her in my dream but at the moment I’m not angry at her (irl). Either way, my sleep has been disturbed, I have somewhere to be soon and I’m super fucking tired. Great 😐

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