• 1 year ago

since i was about 8 everytime i went to have a bath i would run the water onto my vagina to make myself orgasim, first i thought it was clean from the dogs licking the pussy and my step father molesting me all the time being fingered and what not but i ran away from home to get away but i missed the feeling of the orgasim, it took away all my growing pains,now as a adult i don’t like to have baths they are not hygienic but i love to orgasim, sometimes with intervals i can orgasim up to three times in one night just masturbating myself i used to love to play when my boyfriend was sexing me to feel more into the boring sex and we could take in turns raping each other, but mastubation i should have kept private i wish i never showed him, he moved on now and i don’t want him back no matter how much he says he misses me, yet masturbation is a normal part of my life i know the build up makes me feel guilty because i just want to turn over and fall asleep when i’m done and i’m guilty about my fantasy i dream about when trying to climax and is this going to be me on my own orgasiming or is there a adam for every eve?

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