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Ok , another really weird dream i had . If you know what it means , please explain it to me .

I was infront of my old elementary school while wearing a green hoodie , leggings and black shoes ( yes i’m the one who wrote the strange pool dream if you read it ) . I walked in through the metal gates into the school grounds , i wandered to the 3rd floor of building A . The moment i’m walking up the stairs i noticed some strange details , the building suddenly have a staircase leading to the roof , the lights were on even tho it’s mid-day , The stairs were made out of wood instead of cement , pink instead of brown , music were blasting from the direction i’m walking to and i hear children laughing hysterically .
Making up to the floor , i saw my two classmates ( let’s call them : Q and R ) playing football . I sat there and watched them .
After a while the music stopped , R was infront of me as i stood up , she was sweaty , one arm holding the ball the other pointting to the janitor closet next to me :
” Wanna Have a drink ? ” She said
I dont remember agreeing but after i realised it I was already in the closet . The closet was small , very small making me feel claustraphobic . It was lit by a small light bulb hanging in the middle of the closet , radiating a crimson red light like it was in a horror movie . In the closet was a table between two wooden chairs , they barely fit the closet . Somehow R made it to the chair in the back already holding a tea pot pouring tea for us .One more thing , the closet was so run-downed that spider webs were everywhere , i even got hit by one while sitting down , some were sticking on the door knob . The door suddenly close behind me and Q was sitting like a dog on the floor next to me while her chin touching the table’s top .
Accepting the thot tea cup R has given me , i began to drink it . As i laid my eyes on R , out of no where she was wearing a top hat and has a really creepy smile while staring at me . We talked a little but I noticed Q wasnt making any contribution to the conversation at all . The light above us started swinging around and flickered , things went dark . Then the light came back but this time , instead of a top hat , R has a giant spider with the size of her head on her head ! I looked at R but she turned into a pile of spider webs , i look back into my tea cup as little hoards of tiny spiders crawling out of it .
Jumping out of my seat , the spiders gathered around my feet and began to attack R , i walked out of the closet ignoring R’s screams for help like nothing happened .
After walking out , i saw Q again , she was holding the ball and stood in a goal keeper pose . She threw the ball at me and said :
” Wanna play football ? ”
I happily joined in .
Before it went dark ,i suddenly have the urge to invite someone for tea .

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  • Dreams don’t mean anything

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