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Had a dream where some late twenty to mid thirty something man named Ben (something like that) had found my contact information and extremely personal details. I remember my dream self looking down at my phone. He first texted me, then I texted him something brief, and then he send this weird text that had detailed my life story. Super long, broken into stanzas. A inappropriate and confusing poem, basically. Then, at one point in my dream, it was dusk and the man drove up to my house in an expensive car. Dream me, who was home alone (I’m a high schooler), had asked who he was. He replied with a warm and nonchalant voice, “I’m Ben.” I remember feeling relief, rather than remaining scared or confused. It seemed like we were going to meet in the next night. The next day, I was at a field trip in the city, anxiously awaiting to reunite with…Ben. And I abruptly woke up! Just wanted to share my dream…I secretly hope Ben exists since he made me feel so comfortable and was so beautiful, although I could deal without the creepy poem. Mm.

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