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I was a young cadet on my first ship, 17 and looked 15. Having been at al, male boarding schools I knew a bit about things. Cadets often worked with the seamen, painting scrubbing that kind of thing. The seamen made it quite clear what they wanted to do with me, (show us your cock boy, come down our mess tonight and we will show you a thing or 2), no way, I was not going to be stripped and gangbanged by a bunch of sailors and I was not but they did find a way to get at me later but that is another story.
I shared a cabin with the senior cadet, after work we sat about in the cabin, chatting, smoking reading whatever. The ship was in the tropics most of the time and it was very hot, no aircon in those days. We sat about in our underpants. As it happened the pants I had were not y fronts but loose ones like short legged boxers. One time I was in the cabin reading what we called a cunt yarn, my dick had got stiff at a steamy bit, the senior cadet came in and immediately saw even though I straightened upper and crossed my legs. He made a lot of comments which did not help my hard to subside. After that it amused him to try to get me hard with with graphic sex talk and staring hard at my crotch. It became a bit of a game, him trying to get me stiff and me trying to resist. If he got me hard he would try to get me to stand up so he could see the tent at the front of my pants. Sometimes he would grab it and occasionally he would yank my pants down. I knew he fancied me, I knew I was attractive, fair hair, blue eyes and hairless skin like a girls, I liked the admiration. I had been at boarding school and knew about that. To be entirely honest, I behaved a bit like a girl, I flirted and that of course led to what happened.
The senior had turned in for the night, he had the lower bunk and I the upper. I got up and put out the cabin lights. To get to my bunk I faced the bunks put a foot on his bunk and heaved myself up to mine. This night as I faced the bunks his arm shot out, grabbed me round the waist and hold me in a crouching sitting position into the lower bunk. I struggled but was in a very bad position and he was bigger and stronger than me. He slipped his other hand down inside the front of my pants and started to fondle and 6 my cock. Despite my willing it to stay soft it started to harden and as he played and teased it got harder and I started to get sexed up inspite of myself. He did not masturbate my dick in the usual way he teased and fiddled with it and my struggling died away. Then I just lay back letting him do what he wanted and to be honest what I desperately wanted. I felt that feeling between my legs and then I was jerking my pelvis and pumping sperm into my pants. I though OK now he will let me turn in but he continued to fondle my dick and inevitably it stiffened again. I was completely demoralised and sexed up now, lay back wanting it. As the feeling grew, my pelvis bucked again and more sperm was pumped into my pants. He laughed and asked me if I liked that, I replied quite honestly yes. He asked if I wanted him to gave me again and again I said yes. The he said tell me exactly what you want me to do with you and beg for it, I did as he told me, told him what I wanted him to do with me and begged. The bastard said no, we have work tomorrow and you wont be fit for anything, get cleaned up and turn in, I dropped my soaking pants on the deck, washed myself and climbed up to my bunk.

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