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I’m a college sophomore, and it’s been about two weeks since the start of the semester. I chose to go to an out of state school and met some really cool people last year who became my close friends. One of their friends from their hometown is now my roommate. I didn’t really want to room with this girl, she told my friends we were rooming together before she asked me, so I ended up stuck with her. The problem is she has absolutely no concept of boundaries. She asks for help for even the simplest of tasks. She acts up for attention and it’s begun to get on my nerves. We don’t hang out as a group as much because 3 of us sort of can’t stand her behavior at times.It’s caused some tension, but she seems oblivious to the fact, that SHE is the problem. We (roommate) don’t talk as much as we did last year, mainly because she decided to rearrange our room without really mentioning it before and keeps on messing with my stuff without asking or giving me a heads up. I’ve tried to sort of lay down boundaries but she pushes my buttons to the point of me being ready to cuss her out. And when she feels cornered, or things don’t go her way, she cries. So I’ve just decided to remove myself from that environment. I’m basically in our dorm room only to sleep, otherwise you will not see me there. The problem is we have the same major. So she’s super clingy and under the impression that we should hang out all the time. Whenever I’m gone, she wants to know where I am. She demands to know why I don’t do homework in our room with her. She thinks I should wait for her in the morning because we have two classes in common. I did that once, and we were late because couldn’t get herself ready in a timely fashion. She expects things to be accommodated around her, and I don’t have time for that. So I don’t, and she whines about it. So today she starts complaining about the fact that we don’t hang out at 1:30 in the MORNING. it’s barely the beginning of the semester and I’m ready to move out. But I was the one who secured the room as the primary registrant, I shouldn’t be forced out because of her. But I can’t keep avoiding things. I’ve tried to be reasonable and start fresh but every single time we seem to make progress, she does something stupid that just brings us back to square one. I’m really starting to hate anything that has to do with her. If we all go for an event and she joins I cancel because dealing with her is such a massive headache.

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