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I feel like gender doesn’t exist, and is just a way of being sexist. These days, people treat gender like a personality type. I’m an introverted, shy, preteen, agnostic male, and it sickens me that the terms “feminine” or “masculine” exist outside of physical things. It feels even worse when people accuse you of being gay or trans (nothing wrong with that) just because you show emotions and generally don’t what you wear. I’m forced to hide my emotions, when I feel dead inside at times. I don’t like my body hair, and I want to shave it, but of course, my sexist father wouldn’t like that. I’ve felt like this for a VERY long time, and it’s driving me insane.

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  • You’re right on one thing, gender doesn’t exist, only sex. Personally I think you’re just bitter you can’t be a pretty little unicorrn whos special in every way. Guess what kid, you’re not very special, you’re just a confused boy like the rest of us who’s emotionally unstable. I think you need help, because you’re a narcissistic brat who thinks he’s perfect in every way, and that all your problems stem from other people in your life. Stop whining on the internet, and stop whining in general, you have growing up to do.

    Anonymous January 20, 2018 2:53 am Reply

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