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I dont want to marry to a guy with whom i was in live from last 8 yrs.He wait for me from last 2 yrs but I was not settle down at that time.I was having education loan.My family is not a rich famlity there is handtomouth type situation in my family.But i was very much talented in education so i took education loan and proceeded for btech.There i meet with my boyfriend..we stand together in so much worst situation.we do have a very precious relationship.after that when he got a job in some other state of our country i do get my first job.but he always forced me to get married.I want to stand my family who have all hope on me.I didn’t want to leave him but i too want to stand my family also.after some time his family want to meet me.I refused to meet bcz if i meet may be my parents dont like it to meet that boy parents(its in our society thinking)but I finally decided to meet.they meet me and they all are agree.In that situation my salary was not coming on time and my education loan was not getting paid.I was worked so hard but not possible.but that guy keep on forcing me to marry.He always support me also and me to even in a situation when his family didn’t support him i stood by him.then he got a need job in mnc a good job was that he forced me to marry and also get govt job like a lecturar.I am a professional software developer.I dont like lecturar job.then he forced me to get married i told him its ok but i want to support my family after marriage and I too want to so treatment of my mother bcz she is suffuring from a disease he said ok.After some time i forced my parents to meet him.in that situation they were not ready but i told my mom and forced they finally met but my father was not happy bcz he didn;t want his daughter to stay in village..but i tried alot to agree him.when i was trying my boyfriend father called my uncle and said so much rude things bcz my biyfriend called my uncle alot to know whats our side dicession but they always sad that they are discussing among their family member.but his father abuse me and said there are lot many demands i put infront of them its like an agreement that i am showing before marriage ..please tel me where do i am wrong if i am a girl that means i should married and should go to another family and left my family as it is suffering from poverty and all and left in this situation.now i told him that ask your father if you want to marry me that plz called my family and say we want to marry your daughter.but he said you were delaying that why my father behaive like this is this a good way to marrry.he shouting at me every say and said to your father to call my father and said please forget what you said and feel sorry infront of them for delay..is this the good eay why should my father feel sorry they abuse me alot n to my father and to my mother also even to my suster and brother.I called his father and questioned hi if he didn’t want to marry just told then they didn;t want this marriege at least not abused me what was that.they also told that i cannot give my money to my family after marriage.what was that.I love that guy even i dont want to leave him but this the worst situation he is doing what he wants to do he also abuse me he also shouted on me but i dont understand till now what was my faulf only love bcz of which my family has faced this insult.its all his family consult.I am not forgiving my self bcz of this situation bcz of i have insulted my family bcz of this guy whos family had done all this shit.I dont understand what should i do his family is saying shit about me evrytime and he also follow them.

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