I’m a 26 year old unemployed call center agent with a meth habit, an STD that won’t go away because I keep going back to the same woman who keeps cheating on me, I can’t hold down a place to live, I’m on Pretrial release because she attacked me with a fire poker, I’ve got a criminal record so long it stops me from ever having hope of anything better, and I still get phone calls for her because she’s on Pretrial too, I take them for her, because they can’t track her down. I’m not perfect, this is just my side. I’m a total disappointment to my family, who have college degrees, own businesses, etc. They won’t even see me anymore. I want to take my extension cord and hang myself, but I think I’m too much of a pussy to do it. If I had pills that would make me sleep forever, it’d be a blessing. I am a peice of shit, it’s all my fault, and it only gets worse from here. I’m watching my mom’s dog, the only person that still really cares about me, and I think when she gets back and I’m only responsible for myself, it’ll be time.

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