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I am a pervert. But not a sicko, just a sex addict with many fantasies. Just wanted to clear that up first. But you should read this if you’ve ever dreamed of having a man slave.

I exist only to make pussy happy, I love them all. Literally every one of them, I don’t care the size or color. Women are all goddesses, queens, and princesses to me, and I must make them happy. If I fail, then I have no more purpose in life. I can’t go on enough about how much I like the taste, smell, feel, and sight of pussy. I dream of it, think about it all the time, and cannot sleep until I have made at least one of my goddesses pleased with me. Whenever they call on me, I am always there to worship them, and make them feel good, because they deserve it. All women do, they are all royalty, and should be made happy at any expense. They are all entitled to what is rightfully theirs, which is anything they desire. My cock, in fact, my entire body, and all my time and energy are all things that are rightfully theirs. They own me, all of them, they are my masters. I have never met a goddess, or seen a pussy, that I didn’t worship, but only if I am worthy her time. Licking it, tasting all the juices, and making the goddess who wears it pleased with me. After I make her cum many times, I slow down, making love to the vagina, french kissing it, massaging it, and using my fingers to massage her thighs. I wait until she commands me, then if I am worthy, I put my cock inside her, slowly, deeper and deeper, letting her feel all of me. Then I let her set the cadence, waiting until she starts grinding on me, letting me know how she wants it. Then I give it to her, careful to pleasure her over myself. I take pride in my stamina, working out and running everyday to make sure that I never tire until my goddess it happy. Only when she allows me to do so, only when she is pleased with me do I earn the right to cum. Sometimes one of my goddesses will allow me to do this inside her, and this is the highest of honors, right next to her granting me Godhood temporarily, and allowing me to become her master. I am literally so obsessed with pussy, that I have given up my life to making each one I can make happy, as happy as I can make it. When I was young, and first discovered pussy, my mother sent me away. I must confess that this is the reason I have grown into the pussy loving man I am today. This is what reassured me that without pussy, without my goddesses, I am nothing. It was within those hospital walls, around others like myself, that I found out who I truly was, and discovered it was my purpose to please every goddess. It was one of the hottest sexual experiences of my entire life. Having all the sex depraved girls order me to come visit them. Then sneaking over to them, and allowing them to do with me whatever they pleased. One even peed on me once, and I was even grateful for this. Getting caught by the wards, and having them pull us apart, while we were still making love to each other, was one of the hottest things ever, and still makes me hard to this day. I am literally masturbating while righting this. It was my nurse goddess, who first made me realize that my purpose was for all goddesses, regardless of age, size, shape, or color. But she was gorgeous, with auburn hair. She had green eyes, and was just the right amount of plump. I thanked her everyday for strapping me down to that hospital bed, and making me beg for release. Not just from the restraints, but also for my aching balls, which only ever wanted to make her happy. But I was too young at the time, and unworthy of her. There then came a time when she took her presence away from me, and sent a higher ranking servant in to punish me in her stead. I was still grateful that she thought of me, and would send her other slaves to punish me. I know I deserved it, because I could not yet make her pleased with me, I was unworthy of her. When I came of age, and was released, I made it my very purpose of existing to make every one of my goddesses, queens, and princesses happy. But even if I should fail them, and must be punished for my sins, I willingly accept her scorn, and am grateful even for the fact that she still allows me to be in her presence. I am a believer that all women are goddesses, and we are all their servants, our every thought should be about pleasing them, about pleasing their pussies. They are deserving of every pleasure though, not just sexual pleasure, which I must earn. But also every other kind they desire. I have often left work to make my goddesses happy, and if I should ever lose my job for them, it would be worth it. A job can always be replaced, but each goddess is special, and can never be replaced. As soon as I am done writing this, I will check to see if any of my masters desire my services, if not, I will have to wait, and hold my cum, until I have earned an orgasm, and given proper permission by one of them. My only wish is to make women happy, and if any woman reading this is pleased by what I have written, then I would have fulfilled my purpose here, and all the time spent masturbating over my keyboard, and building up cum for my goddesses, would be worth it.

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  • I had to change my pants after reading this. I never even realized I was into this until reading it. I want a sex slave. I’m 21, female, and single.

    Anonymous February 13, 2018 4:00 pm Reply
  • do you boo

    Anonymous March 2, 2018 3:25 pm Reply
  • do you boo this so sweet wish more men were like you

    Anonymous March 2, 2018 3:26 pm Reply
  • good for you

    Anonymous March 4, 2018 5:35 pm Reply
  • didn’t know I was into this until now

    Anonymous June 3, 2018 9:26 pm Reply

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