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Okayee so we met at the whatsapp group of our college…then started chatting. We then met at college and we became really good frnds. But we r having diffrnt frnd grps. So we do talk over whatsapp. Then I started feeling for him n same went wid him as well. He had a gf. And I have a bf. Yet we talked. Then 1 day he proposed me and my heart was beating heavily. But he knows I don’t love him. He proposed me to be his “half gf” as in more than frnd but less than a gf. But I rejected. Then we were so close and he told that he’ll propose me on our Fresher’s day.? I partially wanted that but also thought of my bf. Then me and my bf were fighting these days. So I shared it wid him. Then 1 day he had a fight wid his gf n he told her abt me that m his “gf”..idk y he did so bcaz we’re not. Then on the next day he said that me and he shld be frnds only bcaz theres no chance as I m committed to someone else. But as he went away I was feeling soo alone and was missing him more. Everytime I dremt of him n me together. But we were connected through whatsapp. Then suddenly today, dont know what happened he was talking so romantically and I was feeling great.but on the same time was missing him. He wants to kiss me I know..but my qstn is “as what?”
I also know that evn he has no answer for it. Cause we both know that its not love…its not even frndship. Its more than frndship and less than love. Then what is it??

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