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I work with this really sweet and handsome guy, he looks like GreatValue brand Ryan Gosling. He talks to me about anything and everything, he’s super caring and sweet, he’s funny as hell, and his taste in music and media turns me on so much. He’s actually my perfect person. I think he might have the same attraction towards me but I couldn’t be sure, what I do know is that I can’t stop thinking about him. I’m female and I’m bisexual, so I was with this girl the other night and things were getting intimate and suddenly I just imagined him in the scenario I was currently in. It just…happened and it turned me on so much more than the (frankly super cute) girl I was with. I mean I was still attracted to her but I cannot get this guy out of my head. I have this fantasy of me showing up to his house and him opening the door and kissing me. He holds my waist in one arm and the other cradles my head and it’s just passionate and loving. I can see myself grinding on him, I can see myself kissing him, I can even imagine him eating me out. It just will not go away. Every time he talks to me about certain things I get the same images and feeling but I have to hold myself back from it. I don’t want to ruin the relationship I have with him because I just don’t know how he feels and i’m not willing to wreck a relationship with a person that makes me so happy. For example, I love D&D. I respect DM’s so much and the creativity behind the creation of an entire world is just phenomenal and beautiful, He happens to be a DM. Him and I are on the same page about 90% of things and he just drives me WILD. He reminds me of the sun, he’s warm, safe, and gives life. It just sucks cause, like the sun, I feel I can never reach him. I don’t want to wait forever but I don’t want to move on? I just want all of him. He’s like sugar in coffee or sunday mornings, just warm and calming, I always find it a little ironic cause he loves lavender and he has the same effect on me that lavender does. Ugh. I’m creating high expectations and fantasizing about something that will never happen and thus getting disappointed at the outcomes in my own life because of that. I just either want him out of my head or in my fucking pants asap. >:(

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