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I have a friend. A beautiful girl, American in nationality but Mexican in heritage. She’s super cute, somewhat vulnerable, only been with one guy (she’s finally leaving him cos he’s cheat and a wife beater). Me and he are massively in sync, we share the same likes and dislikes, she trusts me and I take care of her when she needs me but we live in different countries. I think about her a lot… I want nothing more than to surprise her. Physically. She’s terrified about sexual interaction as her (now ex) boyfriend had forced himself on her before, even threatened to get her pregnant out of spite. But with me, she’s open, willing, wanting when we talk about our fantasies. She’s having to leave her house right now cos she lives with her ex for now, so she’s looking for a new place.

I wish I could help her find a nice new home, make it nice for her, then surprise her like we’ve talked about. Wait till night fall, slip into the house, wake her and just kiss her. Touch her, please her like her boyfriend never did. Slip into the bed, be just skin against skin, spoil her senseless in bed and break her. Push her to her limits and make her breakdown into tears, clinging to me like life depended on it, and show her that I can keep her safe and make her beyond happy in every possible way.

I want this. I wanna give her two daughters, like we both want. I wanna make her happy and show her someone needs her in their life.

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  • This is so cute oml

    Anonymous June 3, 2018 4:15 pm Reply

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