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i am 19, never really had a “real” gf, all i had was a couple months long relationship with a girl i never seen irl.. i am antisocial, introversion type of guy, i am really kind, i am wise, i would do anything for a girl i will hopefuly love, i would even die for her..i am serious. This kind of life is what i need in my life, life where i have a smart, loving, kind girlfriend that will love me for who i am, for my personality..i dont expect some super model, i dont even want it, i want regular girl, i dont really care about height, weight, colour of hair, type of body, style, glasses..i just..starting to loose my conviction that i will find a girl like that..i am starting to prepare for a life of a lonely old guy who is paying for girl company once a month from his regular charge..i am so scared to take a girl out..what if will be so quiet, i am really shy person around ppl i dont “know well”..if the girl was the one that is making decision what to do, asking questions about me, know what she want..well..i dont know..i just had to write this shit somewhere.. //// i am not from english speaking country, so excuse my mistakes.

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  • dude, get a hold of yourself, I was like you once trust me… there are girls more desperate than you. I would still recommend to maintain some standards.. you don’t want a girl that will give orders like your a little boy. Don’t worry bro, don’t listen to these idiots who tell you that you need to get laid before 21 or your a loser, be patient, find a hobby, try to go to school or job you know… do your thing and everything will come natural. Watch out for girls! There are girls who look for guys like you (desperate guys who would die for them) – please for the love of God, for humanity don’t sell yourself for one of these “cunts”. 😉 One day you will find a nice clean girl that will love you (it is rare… most of the people already have herpes and all kinds of nasty STD’s). 😀

    Anonymous August 15, 2017 8:06 pm Reply

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