• 2 weeks ago

I am actually still really good damned angry. He came home we haven’t said one word, but I am not cooling down either.

I am god damn pissed off. Mostly because I have told this fuck so many times, so many good damn times to never, everz god damn speak of me at all, in any way, no matter how insignificant, especially to that fat fuck, about anything, but especially about shit like that. So many times and it’s never good between us. I would think those experiences would make him stop and think before he starts shooting the shit.

This fucking guy doesn’t get it. He either doesn’t understand or he’s a complete fucking retard. Or he doesn’t get my vibe where I don’t really like that guy in particular or the reasons why I do not want him knowing anything about any aspect of my life. Especially large purchases but anything. Not one thing. NOTHING.

So that’s the way I feel, and I’m in control of that. NOBODY needs to know anything about me, I decided that, BUT the catch is I am living with a simpleton moron who doesn’t feel the same way and can’t just shut his god damn face.

I think of that fat fuck ever asked me what my beef is, I’d be blunt with him and say “Look, no offence, but you’re a dude who needs to know everyone’s business because you are a fat no life loser, and because of that, if it’s air you want, my goal is to deprive you of that oxygen when it comes to me.

But with this worthless, useless shit of a brother I have that control is taken away from me.