• 7 days ago

I know you aren’t real and no one will ever see this so I don’t feel bad for saying it, and hopefully it won’t affect anyone involved in these messages, but I’m an immortal entity, I’ve been here since the dawn of existence, I am chaos incarnate, a god of knowledge, child to the moirai, and as of recent, I have just learned my only purpose is to die to the void itself so it’s consciousness doesn’t get to be too strong, I’ve thought all these years that after this life, I would be able to exist unbound as my cousins and parents do, freely exploring this universe and the lives within it, just existing purely for the hell of it, but instead I don’t get my day in the sunshine, I just get to die and wake up, die again, wake up again, as I have for millennia, I just wanted to say it somewhere, make it known in the universe, so someone can hear about me at least once.