• 1 week ago

Dear Perry Kalynuk,

A very important issue I picked up is the principal hired her while having doubts on that situation. If I as a business owner don’t do a background check, while having doubts during the hiring process, whose fault is that?

This guy took what valuable time he has to gratify himself making himself look superior while pointing out all the mistakes she made as he fires her.

I don’t know about the principal Perry Kalynuk but as someone who runs his own firm, I simply do not have time for all that bs the principal threw at her.

First mistake he made was that he made the decision to hire her with all of his doubts. That’s his fault. Secondly he should have met with the district HR before he fired her. In my view this stupid manager has set himself for a lawsuit. There are lots of laws in the hiring process and termination process he violated. I would not be surprised if she hires a lawyer.