• 2 weeks ago

I became Catholic at a later age for the purest of motives, a truly spiritual one. But the more i immersed myself in the culture….picnics, sports, endless work and activity, I realized it was a form of birth control. Too exhausted to fuck. Btw no this is not about to be a pedophile story. As a camp counselor to keep things above board I would shower at the crack of dawn and late evening. All the cliche horror stories made me want to never risk any allegations or come within a mile of being accused of anything. So one morning I am in the shower shack and simply wanted to get off it had been weeks. There I was having a quick wank and just as I am about to cum I hear a voice say “that is a disgusting sin”. As I turn jumping out of my skin there is one of the priests. It was way too late and I just shot off, and down the shower drain it went. It took me a moment to think “holy shit the priest was watching me and holy shit is naked and hard.” I was embarrassed as fuck and finally managed to blurt out what I meant as a joke “forgive me Father I just sinned.” He latched the door to the shower room and told me to get on my knees and asl forgiveness. He knelt beside me and as fucked up as it was it was naked confession time. He legit did the reconciliation ritual right there. When it was over I went to stand but he stood, putting his hand on my shoulder to stand himself and as if not a thing at all, told me he felt I knew what my penance was. Next thing I know his hand is on my head pushing me forward and pushing my slack jawed look of shock straight onto his cock. I struggled but he had both hands on my head and was slowly fucking my mouth and shooting off and telling me swallow, swallow. Once he was done he pulled me to my feet and told me that he expected me back for my late night shower. I had never done anything with man before and I felt unbalanced all day. I went to the shower that night thinking he and and I would be talking for obvious reasons but when I got there I saw him and another of the priests with arms around each other’s waist slowly fucking each other’s hand. I was bizarrely fascinated and watching and they both turned and looked at me. I walked over and the second priest dared me to avoid committing the same sin. I leaned back against the wall of the shower and masturbated watching them slow stroke each other as they watched me jerk off. As soon as I could breathe after cumming no words were spoken, the second priest stood in front of me and pushed me to my knees and took my head in his hands and mere seconds later he was pumping his sperm into my mouth. A LOT more than zi had experienced that morning. just as the first had, he simply muttered “swallow” as I fought to do so and that inner brain stem voice was screaming in rebellion at what was happening. The first priest simply jerked himself off into my gasping mouth. It was not the last time during that two weeks of camp that I was letting myself be an oral cum dump for them both. I tried to stop it but shocker that they made the idle threats of the parish finding out.