• 4 weeks ago

The shit happening in America right now is so fucking devastating. It’s gotten to the point where I cannot voice my opinion because I am white. Because of my skin color, I am not allowed to do something. That is the definition of racism. YES. BLACK LIVES MATTER. BUT HOLY FUCK MINE APPARENTLY DOESN’T. IMAGINE BEING WHITE IN SOCIETY TODAY. EVERY OTHER RACE LOOKS DOWN ON YOU. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE OPINIONS OR EVEN SUPPORT BLM WITHOUT HAVING TO BE A HUMAN MEAT SHIELD. ITS FUCKING SCARY. Before you say that “that’s what we get”, or “Now you have a taste of what we feel”, do you really want to support more racism? You want people to hate on whites so they see how it feels? That won’t solve anything. I’m scared to voice my opinion. I’m afraid to have something to say. Even if I proclaim black lives matter, it’s not enough until I’m face to face with a cop, gun pointed at my brain. I’ve seen the videos. The captions that read, “This is how you use your (imaginary) white privilege” If I don’t do that, I’m labeled as racist. People who do and say this are just as fucking bad as racists. In fact, they are racist.

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