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U.S. protests enter second week
Lawmakers and former commanders accused President Trump of fanning the flames of division, after he threatened to deploy the Army to end widespread protests against police violence and racial discrimination.
The rebuke came a day after peaceful demonstrators were tear-gassed in front of the White House so that the president could pose for a photograph with a Bible.
Demonstrators continued to march in cities across the U.S. more than a week after the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed in police custody in Minneapolis. Protesters and police officers were injured as clashes cropped up at night, a shift from the largely peaceful daytime rallies.
Police officers in several cities have been fired or disciplined for their harsh tactics against protesters. In Atlanta, arrest warrants were issued for six officers after video footage showed them firing Tasers and dragging two college students out of a car on Saturday.
On the ground: “I am heartbroken and outraged every day,” said Candice Elder, who was marching in Oakland, Calif. “I’m tired of being sick and tired.” We talked to protesters of all backgrounds.
Related: The Australian prime minister called for an investigation into an attack on two Australian journalists by police officers during protests outside the White House on Monday.
Here are our live updates on the George Floyd protests.
Protesters being detained by the police in Minneapolis on Sunday. Victor J. Blue for The New York Times
China revels in the U.S. crisis
As protests over police violence engulf cities in the U.S., Beijing is seizing on the moment to promote the strength of its authoritarian system and to portray the turmoil as another sign of American hypocrisy and decline.
Chinese officials are trolling their American counterparts with protest slogans like “Black lives matter” and “I can’t breathe.” The U.S. unrest is giving Chinese leaders a natural line of counter attack as Beijing moves to rein in Hong Kong and crack down on pro-democracy activists there.
China’s propaganda push is the latest skirmish in a power struggle between China and the U.S.
Quotable: “The moral ground of the United States is indeed greatly weakened,” said Song Guoyou, a scholar at Fudan University in Shanghai.
Analysis: After years of American unilateralism, European allies are turning their backs on President Trump, our chief diplomatic correspondent writes.
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