• 1 week ago

Escort topic: Thank you. Truly. ^_^. I know many truly kind and genuine people such as yourself… and I am so glad to know that there are well meaning people out there. The industry has jaded me. I compartmentalize really, really well and I don’t act nor dress like a slut at all. I’m more of a cool/tomboy type, I like femininity as well. But you would never think I did that part time if you met me. I was raised Catholic, started being sexually active at age 20. Just a high libido and when I started, I was in a tough spot. I’m only doing it to pay off school loans etc. I’ve met good people through there too but I don’t take ANY one of them seriously… I think they are all twisted in one way or another. But I mean, it taught me a lot about human nature. But when I meet really good normal people in my personal life. I know not everyone in this world is like that. I wish you the best in life as well. :)) Stay safe.

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