• 3 weeks ago

I’m sorry. I never properly apologized. I’m sorry for hurting you. Im sorry for not realizing my actions sooner. And I’m sorry for not having the fucking guts to actually apologize. I should have been a better friend. I broke a friendship i thought i would never break. I thought we would always be together. We even had the plans to live together and be roommates. To see each others faces when we woke up. I feel guilty for hurting you. Im sick in my mind. My depression worsened. Im pretty much a lifeless corpse. But im not apologizing because i want to ease the guilt i feel. I want to sincerely apologise for hurting you. I hope that you were able to move on from the pain i inflicted. I hope youre happy. You both deserve the greatest happiness in the world. Please stay safe. Please live a good life.