i think transgender people are disgusting

  • 7 years ago

i think transgender people are disgusting and don’t deserve equal rights. the law they passed in california schools for “transgender children” is beyond disgusting. it completely flies in the face of equal rights.

why should there be a whole extension of rights to people just because they “feel” like they are the opposite sex?? i understand in cases of being born with both sex organs (hermaphrodite), but just because a male decides he feels more feminine and wants to start wearing womens clothing, and be called by a womens name (or vice versa), he or she should now be afforded all the rights of the opposite sex?
that’s just beyond ridiculous! worse yet, it’s being encouraged in children?

sexual orientation (hetero and same sex) is natural- science backs that up, and it’s even visible in the animal kingdom. but the transgender movement is nothing but a frankensteinesque offshoot of the lgb drive for equality. it defies everything that is natural- biology and natural social order. take into account:

*transgender people cant even exist without clothing of the opposite gender, or to a more extreme, hormone therapy of the opposite gender and the assistance of several routines by a team of skilled surgeons.

*the core of transgenderism is experiencing sexuality as the opposite sex, with the same sex. the majority of transgender people worldwide (thailand, middle eastern counteries, south america, north america) are heavily in the sex trade- pornography, prostitution, etc.

*if society were to collapse world wide back to a primitive state, heterosexual and homosexual individuals would still be able to thrive. transgender people would not be able to exist as their entire existence is cosmetic based (wigs, opposite gender clothing, opposite gender hormones, plastic surgery, therapy, etc.)

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