• 2 weeks ago

You’ve been trying to get under my skin for over a month and the only two times you actually succeeded are when you told me you were trans and when you told me you were pregnant. You’ve tried intimidation, playing the victim, bluffing, phishing, gaslighting, imitating me to get me to defend myself, talking shit to pull me back into the conversation watching everything I do like a creeper, and literally none of it has upset me in the slightest. You might get me horny sometimes but the only thing that happens when you go from hot to cold is I go watch porn and go to sleep and you sit there all night bitching and moaning and threatening to kill yourself to try to emotionally manipulate me.

You try so hard to convince me that I’m the narcissist but I have no concept of shame, and personal attacks don’t phase me, so I’m a little doubtful. I also don’t get bored of people. I can also be by myself no problem, and I don’t need other people to validate my existence anymore. Hell, I even agree with half of your personal attacks. But surely I’m a narcissist, there’s like zero chance I’m just being a willful asshole to you specifically….right? What reason could I have for that?

Someone needs a timeout. Starting now.

Just go to sleep, you need it, dumbass. Stop going on coke benders and spending 10 hours watching twitch streams.

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